My Background

Prior to practicing law, I had a variety of other jobs.  I started out working for Bing’s Grocery Store in Greenville.  Bagging groceries, pushing the cart, and loading the bags into the trunks of cars for customers were my first duties.  I remember stocking shelves at night to get overtime.  I thought it was pretty cool when the co-workers would tape the microphone and place it close to a “jam box” so music would play throughout the store.

My summer job starting in high school was working for the USDA at Stoneville.  I worked for an entomologist, and I know quite a bit about a local crop pest, the Tarnished Plant Bug.  I worked at this job for six summers straight.  While I was exposed to a world-class science environment, I knew that working outside in the cotton fields counting the number of plant bugs per feet was not going to be my career choice.

Another “outside” job that I had was working at The Barn in Greenville.  The Barn was a drive-thru convenience store.  In college I was interested in football… not playing, but keeping up with the final outcomes.

I also worked at another USDA facility, the Soil Sedimentation Lab in Oxford.  Folks there do all sorts of testing on… soil.  I worked on a survey crew one summer at I-55 and Church Road in Southaven, and I managed a fireworks stand in Pearl one winter.  My point is:  I’ve worked at a wide variety of jobs and interacted with literally every type person along the way.

In my opinion, people want to be treated with basic respect, to have the opportunity to provide for their families and to give their children and grandchildren the best education and future that’s possible.  This is what I want for myself.  This is what I want for my clients.

Lastly, I live in Cleveland.  My older son is set to graduate from Cleveland High School in 2019.  My younger son will graduate in 2024 and attends Hayes Cooper Center in Merigold.  I sort of nickname my stage in life as “the five and dime plan.”  I enjoy time with my boys, fishing, and Ole Miss.