Other Services

I can provide a variety of legal services to assist you.

Chancery Matters:

Divorce, Estates, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Real Estate Deeds and Leases, Wills, Power of Attorneys, Health Care Directives

Asset Protection:

Financial/Estate Planning, Utilizing Exemption Law, LLC Creation and Debt Collection Defense.

Injuries and Other Civil Matters:

Car Wrecks, Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death, Worker’s Compensation.

Criminal Defense/Expungements:

Case by case. Please call.

Since graduating from law school, I have gained experience in many different roles. I started with an internship for a Washington County Circuit Judge. Soon after, I helped a lawyer with a capital murder trial he was handling in exchange for his teaching me how to make a living doing real estate work.

I served as a Public Defender in the Washington County Youth Court and City Prosecutor for the City of Hollandale for a number of years. I temporarily served as prosecutor for the City of Greenville Municipal Court. Also, I have served as Special Master for the Washington County Chancery Court. No doubt serving in these roles has provided me with much needed experience and familiarity with the people, personalities and inner-workings of the legal system.

In addition to serving in these important roles, I have experience representing individuals with both misdemeanor and felony charges in various courts. I’ve represented clients in divorce and child custody cases, personal injury claims, worker’s compensation claims, even a medical malpractice resulting in death.

Basically, I’ve “been there and done that.” For you, this means I can probably help or know who can. I’ve definitely associated other lawyers at times, referred cases out to other lawyers, and generally sought special expertise when needed. There is no reason for me to re-invent the wheel in order to help a client. Each circumstance and case is different, the client will be always be consulted beforehand, and the client’s best interest will always be my primary goal.